Brooke Shelby

A third-generation baker, 24-year-old Jackie Reed is passionate about serving sweets to warm the soul. Her family’s Chocolate and All Sweet Things Bakery has been a mainstay of her community for more than fifty years, crafting delicious delicacies that nourish her town. When the greedy Miller Corporation proposes to buy up and tear down all the businesses on White Street, including Jackie’s shop, she refuses to relocate, even if it means being thrown in jail for protesting.

Chaz Miller is wildly successful for his 33 years, and he’s gotten this far by being an aggressive businessman who goes after every lucrative opportunity. His family’s latest acquisition of the prime real estate on White Street is another great deal Chaz has been central to securing. Now, if that feisty baker would just settle down, they can get on with the project.

After being freed from prison, Jackie heads to Miller Corporation hoping to persuade billionaire Chaz Miller to change his mind. Soon both Jackie and Chaz find an unexpected attraction that runs deeper than their rivalry. Once Jackie sees the vulnerability Chaz hides and tastes his hunger for something more, she rethinks her strategy.

Jackie’s grandma taught her the way to a man’s heart is through food baked from the heart—but if Jackie and her sweets won’t make Chaz put passion over profit, she might risk breaking her own heart in the process…