Brooke Shelby

Sebastian Knight is known for his passion.

That fiery spirit paired with an unquenchable ambition has made him a success. At 30, Sebastian is already a billionaire COO at a prestigious company.

But lately, Sebastian’s signature stormy personality is making the Board think twice about keeping him in a leadership position. If Sebastian doesn’t get his behavior in line soon, the Board will begin the process to vote him out, a humiliating end to a career with limitless potential. His best friend Craig’s surprise gift to book Sebastian a yoga retreat is frustrating, but he knows this could be his last opportunity to turn things around.

Hayley Cross is known for believing in fate.

Coming from a small town, Hayley chooses to see the good in everyone. A bad experience in the city makes her return home regularly, back to her family and back to the quiet community where she first fell in love with the boy who visited his grandfather each summer—until he never returned after starting college, dashing Hayley’s hope for a life together.

Fortunately, Hayley’s heartbreak was healed—mostly—and she found a new passion for yoga. Becoming an instructor is a dream for 28-year-old Hayley, and leading retreats like this is incredibly fulfilling, even if doesn’t quite cure the loneliness that love once filled.

When Sebastian arrives at Hayley’s retreat, the former lovers find their attraction rekindled. Hayley sees their reunion as destiny, but Sebastian knows the second chance depends on him, not fate. He let her get away once, and he’ll be damned if it happens twice. Yet Hayley won’t take him back unless he’s truly changed. If he wants to be with her, he needs to earn it.

Last time, it mattered that they were from different worlds…

This time, can they create one of their own that will last forever?