Billionaire’s Karma

Sebastian Knight is frustrated, and his business is suffering as a result of it. After his latest board meeting, his best friend, Harvey warns him that the board is getting fed up of his outbreaks and he needs to cool down, or they’ll start the process of voting him out.

Sebastian took over his father’s company and ever since his death he’s like a lost sheep. After one too many arguments with the board, his best friend, Craig books him into a yoga resort.

Once Sebastian gets there, he sees the girl that he used to love. The one that used to live in the small town where he used to spend his summer’s with his grandfather.

Hayley thinks that fate has brought them back together. She’s been in love with Sebastian for so many years, and he left her a long time ago.

She soon realizes that her initial predictions were right and fate has brought them back together, but if Sebastian doesn’t change his ways, then it’ll draw them apart once again.