Brooke Shelby

After losing his emotionally fragile wife years ago, billionaire Paul Morgan has invested in masking his loneliness. Even though his global construction business has built Paul a fortune, he has struggled to rebuild his own life, though the walls around his heart aren’t as strong as he thinks. At least at the masquerade ball he’s throwing for the new Shakespearean Festival and Theater Group tonight, he can hide from the spotlight.

Leaving Broadway behind is easy for costume designer Catherine Daniels. Since her fiancé died in a tragic accident eight years ago, Catherine’s hopes for the future have dimmed, pushing her backstage in her own life. Taking a summer gig to help the Shakespeare Festival get off the ground should be a welcome break from her normal routine… and the ghosts from her past that stalk it.

For both Paul and Catherine, it’s easier to stick to the lonely fate they think they deserve than risk true intimacy. But when they cross paths at the ball, an unexpected spark of connection penetrates beneath their disguises. For it’s when their eyes lock that they see deep down, far below the masks and into a kindred soul, one hungry for another shot at love.

As the night ends, will Paul and Catherine drop the act and try for something real? Or is one evening—and one electric attraction—not enough to push them off script?

This book was previously published as Beyond the Footlights.